About Millfield Healthcare

Your Care is Our Priority

Since 2020, Millfield Healthcare has been a leading domiciliary care agency offering high-quality care and
support that enhances the quality of life of our clients in the comfort of their homes.



Our professional, compassionate and dedicated team aims to protect our client’s independence and safety and improve the quality of their lives in familiar surroundings. This ranges from help with everyday tasks like getting dressed and preparing meals to more specialist care, dementia and palliative support. Our care assistants come from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds to meet your needs.

We aim to:

  • provide high-quality services that safeguard our elderly and vulnerable service users, promote their health & well-being and improve their quality of life in their homes.
  • ensure that our care assistants are well trained, well remunerated and supported to provide care tailored to our service users’ needs.
  • ensure that our staff are competent, dedicated, compassionate and well-supported to undertake the roles they are employed for.
  • provide families with peace of mind and assurance that their loved ones are well cared for and safe, and work closely with families to ensure they also get the support they need.
  • deliver a service that is reliable, dependable, responsive, and designed to meet the needs and aspirations of each of our service users.
  • treat each client with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • design our in-home services with your unique needs and safety in mind.
  • encourage the right to make informed choices and take risks without putting our service users in danger.
  • honour and respect the service user’s rights to religion, culture, race, ethnicity, politics, sexuality, disability, and impairment.
  • to cater for the needs and individual preferences of each service user.
  • work in partnership with other stakeholder agencies to promote our service user’s well-being.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and comply with all laws, regulations, and statutory requirements for providing care services.


Meet Our Team

Director and Registered Manager

Jennifer Osodo

Jennifer has worked in various educational institutions and in healthcare settings for over 35 years.


Recruitment and Marketing

Emily Scott

Emily has worked in client services for over twenty years. She worked in the retail sector before branching out to digital marketing.


Health Records and Data Protection Officer


Felix is a highly professional and organised member of staff who looks after all the data within Millfield Healthcare.


Team Admin

Terri Edwards

Terri has worked in the care sector for many years, including working with Adult Learning Disabilities. She enjoys liaising with clients and their families.



Our care assistants come from a variety of diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds to match your individual needs. They are  compassionate, maintain high professionalism and receive continuous on the job training to provide personalised and high-quality services to our clients in their own homes.

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